how to repair broken or Stained Textured Ceilings
nicely diagnosing your ceiling damage is the first important step in identifying how to properly proceed. determining the supply of the damage in your texturized ceiling is the essential first step earlier than transferring ahead. one of the maximum commonplace resources of harm to texturized ceiling is water damage from above.
- Moisture harm
If that is the case there are several things to recall. Is the source of the leak been contained resolved? Is the drywall and insulation above the ceiling been nicely dried? Spotrepairs  furthermore, if the moisture has been a long run trouble or a gradual leak that wasn't observed for an extended time frame there is probably mildew that must be dwelt with previous to repairing the ceiling. mildew and mold spores may be a severe health situation and must be inspected by way of a professional and wiped clean up respectively.
- Smoke harm
any other common problem people face with their ceilings is that yellowing impact caused by 2d hand smoke from years of exposure. This yellow stain will not pass faraway from just spraying your ceiling and there crucial steps to comply with to insure that this stain does not bleed thru.
- Spot restore
If the damage in your textured ceiling is isolated to a small location of the ceiling you could try and combination it with the alternative texture which can be nearly not possible however is manageable. you could use a small aerosol ceiling texture spray. There are specific manufacturers available that give a specific effect as well as extraordinary nozzle sizes. it is an excellent idea to experiment on a chunk of cardboard to see if you may get as near as possible in your current texture. If this is not an option or you can not locate something to in shape your present texture you may have spray and retexture the whole ceiling but first you have to eliminate the prevailing texture.
- getting rid of old texture
if you have to or want to dispose of all of your antique texture you should be organized for a massive messy task. The first-class and maximum green way to remove the old texture is a multi-step technique that i'm able to now describe. You first need to cover all your floors and any remaining furnishings within the room to shield them. you may than need to spray the vintage ceiling texture with some warm water to melt the present texture making it smooth to scrape off. the use of a massive drywall putty knife you may than began scraping off the antique texture. If this proves to be difficult retreat the ceiling with some warm water till the vintage texture is smooth and clean to scrape off. once all of the antique texture has been scraped off you could smooth up the mess and let the ceiling well dry before re-texturizing.
- Priming and Prep
ensure to patch any massive scratches and marks inside the ceiling which could have been prompted from scraping off the antique ceiling texture. as soon as the ceiling is patched and gently sanded you are now prepared to apply a primer coat. this could be both rolled or sprayer on and is crucial to seal inside the vintage drywall as well as any stains that could nevertheless be apparent. manufacturers consisting of bullseye, Zinsser and Killz are a few popular primer sealers and come in water primarily based formulation.
- equipment wished
As noted earlier you'll want a widy putty or taping knife for scraping and patching. you'll also need a pair rolls of two inch painters tape, painters plastic to cowl the walls, a bag of spray texture and compressor with hopper gun. The spray texture mix can be bought at most essential constructing supply stores and is derived in first-class, medium or coarse texture. It might be a very good concept to do all your prep and primer steps earlier than renting your compressor and hopper to limit condominium fees.
- Texturizing Spray
you will need to blend your powdered texture blend to the proper consistency to be able to do it right. you'll need to bring it to the consistency of a thick pancake mix as this could permit it to paste nicely to the ceiling with out strolling and supply the preferred textured appearance. hold the hopper gun 18-24 inches faraway from the ceiling and systematically spray the complete ceiling from one give up to the alternative. once performed go back over any spots that appear inconsistent or mild to even out the appearance. as soon as your satisfied with the appearance clean out your gadget earlier than it dries.